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Field service

Field service suite

Applicat offers a complete end-to-end field-service management solution, providing service organizations with a full set of tools for managing their field-force in the most effective way.

Applicat’s offering drives accelerated performance and high efficiency in companies, equipping them to address the ever-changing market challenges, while heightening visibility and boosting productivity and customer satisfaction to an unmatched level.

Using Hormiga, organizations gain a variety of capabilities for scheduling and dispatch, and for managing workers, customers, assets and inventory, in addition to cutting-edge optimization tools, collaboration platform, and exceedingly powerful mobile technology.

Scheduling and Dispatching

Instant dispatching, maximum accuracy

Hormiga’s easy to-use drag and drop interface for WO scheduling and dispatching provides real-time visibility of all WO statuses, history and locations, enabling dispatchers to assign tasks faster than ever.

With the ability to respond quickly to sudden changes, dispatchers identify immediately the person with the right skills who is predicted to arrive fastest at the required destination.

Saving valuable time, Hormiga eliminates lost WOs, alerting in the event of a scheduling error, thus maximizing the efficiency of each day.

Sales and market intelligence

Untapped source of revenue

Hormiga leverages the opportunity of a field rep meeting face-to-face with customers, to suggestively sell a variety of add-on products, renew a service agreement, or upgrade a device to a newer model.

Hormiga’s intuitive marketing surveys enable workers to gather valuable information about competitors, customer behavior patterns, number of family members and rooms, and more. Surveys are conducted independently, requiring no customer participation, and data is used for tailoring unique offers suitable to specific customer needs.

Asset management

Because every piece of information counts.

A full history of every asset, corresponding WOs and warranties is accessible by all workers, including every task performed on each asset, enabling organizations to track their workforce activities closely, and provide far better and faster customer service.

The ability to update or retrieve information in the field in real-time, such as completing an asset report and sharing it with the entire organization within minutes, plays a crucial role in efficient asset management, reducing troubleshooting time and costs.

Inventory Management

Accurate stock levels optimize time and resources.

It is essential for organizations that provide field service and manage a vast number of items and parts to know exactly which parts were used by each field worker, when, and for which task and customer. Accurate inventory management ensures high FTFRs, reduces costs, while also preventing unsupervised inventory usage and unforeseen waste.

Each time a part is used the central inventory database is updated automatically, providing the entire organization with up-to-date information, and field employees with real-time accurate stock levels in their van.

Proof-of-Delivery and logistics enhancers

Signed, sealed, delivered!

Hormiga supports logistics and distribution companies including delivery and freight functionalities, providing field personnel with the most advanced proof-of-delivery capabilities and cutting-edge mobile tools.

Hormiga incorporates delivery notes and complete SKUs and product-trees, in addition to supporting return of goods by customers, dynamic replacement of goods and digital signature.

Hormiga also supports drop analysis and optimization, providing the ability to record the required outcome, indicating, for example, whether a package was delivered to the correct location or person, or at the required time.

Delivery and
Courier Add-ons

Right first time,
every time.

Aimed at positioning couriers and delivery companies ahead of their competitors by ensuring the most productive day each day, Hormiga supports any number of pickups and deliveries, bulk shipments and all tasks that require Cash on Delivery (COD) support.

Providing maximum service level, delivery personnel can easily revise digital manifests, and prevent errors by scanning packages, thereby increasing Right-first-time delivery rates.

Hormiga is suitable especially for organizations that assign only a few employees to each geographic area, where optimization can be achieved by utilizing field wisdom, thereby dramatically increasing productivity and cutting operational costs.