Mobile productivity
Field service

Field visibility

High field-visibility is the primary factor in improving employee performance. But field-visibility goes far beyond simply tracking your employees’ whereabouts.

Presenting a detailed real-time view of every field activity, Hormiga enables service organizations to closely monitor and measure each worker’s precise performance and efficiency rates, providing the essential tools for significant improvement, and serving as a game-changer in your business results.

A complete set of real-time predictive analytics, behavior pattern recognition, and alerts signaling inadequate performance and excessive use of resources, enables managers to act immediately to reduce operational costs and boost the productivity of the entire organization.

Granular Activity Recognition

Measuring performance increases profitability.

Granular Activity Recognition state-of-the-art technology measures and analyzes performance, automatically identifying how, where and when each employee activity occurred, without the need for manual reporting.

Presenting full visibility of the field, Hormiga generates a unique minute-by-minute activity-based analysis report, displaying precise durations of employees traveling, working or idle, providing managers with authentic behavior patterns and performance rates.

Pinpointing high-performers to stimulate improvement and formulate best practices, managers additionally detect wasted resources and faulty work procedures, saving time and minimizing costs.

Forecasted Daily Activities

Tomorrow’s forecast:
increased performance

Generated automatically, FDA is a forecast of planned WOs assigned to each employee, including WO start and end times, travel times and distances between destinations.

Tracking the remaining WOs in each shift, Hormiga intermittently checks employee’s location and current activity, applying individual performance rates to recalculate ETAs and durations, providing highly effective workday planning.

Managers can respond immediately to changes, assigning a new WO to the employee most likely to arrive on time, while customer satisfaction is enhanced by demonstrating respect for their time.

Real-time Field Monitoring

Managing invisible

Hormiga’s leading-edge mobile technology provides managers with a real-time view of what is happening in the field, presenting precise employee locations and WO statuses.

Managers can monitor punctuality and idle time, and view WOs to which employees are expected to, or actually arrived late. Receiving continuous conflict-detection alerts makes it easier to track performance efficiency and speed on an employee, team or company level.

Hormiga displays a detailed life-cycle of each WO, while also recording and saving each employee’s routes automatically.

Deficient-performance alerts

it’s elementary, dear Watson

Automatically triggered deficient-performance alerts are an unparalleled game-changer that reduces costs significantly, by signalling excessive use of resources or inadequate performance.

Sent to the manager when irregular actions are detected, alerts can indicate a travel distance that exceeded the expected distance, or activities reported far away from a WO location, allowing managers to prevent problems by reacting to real-time occurrences.

Managers can apply color-coding to each alert’s corresponding action, and use this effective tool during merit evaluations.