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As a service provider that manages an invaluable resource of field workers, one of your primary objectives is to achieve performance excellence, driving your employees to deliver maximum productivity and efficiency, while minimizing operational costs.

Helping organizations to maximize performance, Hormiga utilizes field-wisdom, providing trailblazing optimization and collaboration tools. This ensures that accrued knowledge is retained in house, transforming employees into highly-informed professionals, which greatly impacts the organization’s bottom line.

Combining these advanced mechanisms with best-of-breed analytics tools accelerates performance even more, resulting in optimal employee productivity, while spurring customer satisfaction and leading your company to unprecedented excellence levels.

Field-Wisdom Routing

Discover the key
to effective routing

Hormiga Field-Wisdom Routing Optimization technology utilizes decisions of the entire field workforce to generate optimized routes, thereby reducing operational costs and delivering maximum productivity every day.

By aggregating the routes executed in each area, Hormiga incorporates nuggets of wisdom - the key optimization component containing varied field constraints used by workers for arranging route sequences. The calculated routes are far more optimized than those generated by the most intricate algorithm.

Retaining years of accrued field knowledge, Hormiga replicates decision patterns that help formulate best practices and save training resources, increasing the efficiency of the entire organization.

Wisdom of crowds

Hormiga’s field-wisdom optimization is based on the notion that decisions taken and the accumulated knowledge acquired by the entire workforce contain valuable information that should be kept and utilized to yield maximum efficiency and optimal results.

The underlying theory behind Hormiga’s innovative approach to field-wisdom optimization is the wisdom of crowds, by which a large group’s aggregated answers to questions involving issues that are measurable, are more accurate than the answers given by any individual within the group, even an expert.

A few workers per area

Companies that provide service to predefined geographic zones with many workers assigned to each zone, are faced with the daily challenge: whom to assign which WO? In such companies standard scheduling optimization could provide a suitable solution.

However, the majority of organizations worldwide assign only a few workers to each geographic zone, and for them the challenge is different: How to provide each employee with the optimal WO sequence, given field constraints that no algorithm can calculate? For these companies a standard scheduling optimization solution cannot solve the problem, and could even result in a negative ROI. Hormiga’s field-wisdom routing optimization technology ensures the highest ROI, uniquely suitable for these service organizations.

Employee Performance Analysis

The key factor for improvement

As a field-service company your workforce is your organization’s most costly resource, and each employee’s performance bears significant impact on the company’s profitability and customer satisfaction. The best way to institute continuous improvement is by monitoring employee performance levels. Engineered to perpetually analyze and increase performance, Hormiga integrates Employee performance analysis in each function in the system, displaying individual and team performance rates on nearly every screen.

Pinpointing patterns to stimulate improvement

Hormiga captures detailed activities and evaluates productivity on an employee, team and organizational level. Using Granular Activity Recognition and conflict-detection alerts, managers can track poor performance and discrepancies, punctuality and first-time-fix-rates, as well as travel and idle time.

They can also compare team member performances and identify high performers’ work patterns, replicating these patterns to increase productivity and help define best practices policies.

Hormiga tracks and measures closely the performance rates of each employee, which has a direct effect on customer satisfaction and which significantly elevates the NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Employees whose performance is monitored tend to follow work procedures more closely, and are therefore, far more productive.

Professional Collaboration

Treasure of practical knowledge

Recognizing the unique value of employee collaboration in service organizations, Hormiga has taken this concept to a whole new level: Not only does Hormiga retain employee knowledge, it automatically shares this knowledge with all field personnel, thereby transforming them into highly professional service teams equipped with up-to-date information and the most effective mobile tools.


An effective means of knowledge-sharing in field service organizations, Insights are helpful tips, based on field experience that employees share with their colleagues. Linked automatically to corresponding work orders, products and customers, all relevant insights appear when a worker accesses any relevant work order information, eliminating unnecessary delays and increasing first-time-fix-rates.

Insights relate to 4 areas:

Parking tips

Ending the eternal search for the ultimate parking spot, Hormiga saves parking tips shared by employees, and utilizes them to benefit other workers, thereby saving appreciable time and eliminating the anxiety of parking in congested areas. Workers are prompted to indicate the parking type and to rank it. These rankings are aggregated, and a score is assigned to each parking location. When approaching a destination all recommended parking options in the area are displayed automatically, color-coded according to colleague rankings.

Consult a colleague

Employees can share a WO’s details with a colleague for the purpose of consultation in solving a problem or sharing a location. This helps increase efficiency by enabling workers to carry out each task as quickly as possible.

Knowledge base

Hormiga‘s knowledge base includes user manuals and operational guides written by company personnel, and are linked to each relevant product, along with the insights, allowing employees to access all the professional knowledge they need from one central location. This dynamic and up-to-date knowledgebase is an effective means of retaining field experience, ensuring workforces that are highly professional and productive.

Analytics Tools

The whole picture at your fingertips.

Hormiga leverages the potential of data analysis to produce precise analysis reports in uncommonly high-resolution, revealing detailed performance trends of the entire organization.

Hormiga’s effective analytic capability to systemically obtain real-time data is essential for producing accurate reports, enabling companies to identify their most lucrative customers, best performers, and field force behaviors and patterns, thus providing the key element to ensuring continuous improvement and market supremacy.