Dynamic Routing Optimization

Applicat routing optimization is the primary chromosome of your operational DNA, providing the blueprint for on-time, first-time, narrow-windowed, and infinitely scalable delivery.


2,760 packages shipped every second


200 billion parcels a year

For those responsible for delivering these items, smart automatic assignment of delivery tasks to routes, trucks, and drivers, is absolutely mission critical.

Dynamic routing optimization
Dynamic routing optimization

Applicat Routing Optimization - Born of Necessity, Bred of Innovation

Offering all forms of routing optimization, including fixed territory, fully dynamic and hybrid routing, and enhanced with our Right-First-Time AI™, Applicat’s best-in-class optimization fits your delivery operations like a glove, saving you money, improving performance, and ensuring an incomparable customer experience.

Right-First-Time AI optimization
Routing optimization delivery truck

Powered by Right-First-Time AI™

At Applicat we take routing optimization seriously. So much so, that we’ve put the full force and intellect of our AI team into developing Right-First-Time AI™ – technology that incorporates field data and computational wisdom to generate real-world address based routes that cause first-attempt delivery rates to skyrocket.

Successful Delivery Begins with Successful Routing Strategy

By definition, strategy is organization specific, and routing is no exception. Because one routing strategy doesn’t fit all, Applicat supports all forms of routing optimization, allowing you to implement the strategy that best fits your own delivery operations.

Fixed Territory Routing

When the majority of deliveries are concentrated in specific areas, as is often the case when delivering to businesses, routing is straightforward. For such operators, Applicat lets them freely and easily build their routes in pre-defined territories and assign them to specific drivers.

Dynamic Routing

Taking dynamic routing to the next level, Applicat analyzes all of your delivery tasks while accounting for your operational constraints, e.g. number of vehicles, parcel capacity and delivery time-windows, applies TruAddress optimization, and creates routes that are not only optimal, but reflect the actual lay of the land, allowing consistent delivery on first-attempts.

Hybrid Routing

For most operators, life is not black or white. In these gray areas, Applicat excels, allowing you to optimize dynamically, adjust manually, reoptimize as things change, and so on, such that your routes are always optimized, up to the minute.

Optimal Routing Optimization

Leveraging Applicat’s versatile routing optimization, Applicat customers combine automated and manual routing to fine-tune and enhance their delivery logistics and customer experience, and the simple truth is that they can’t get enough of it. Here’s why:

  • Fully customizable to the way you work, providing exceptional operational agility.
  • Always on-the-mark, first-time doorstep accuracy.
  • Gracefully reduces delivery windows to a minimum.
  • Adjusts and re-optimizes in real-time, as necessary.
  • Seamlessly integrates multi-daily delivery rounds.

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