Making Right of Wrong Addresses

Know where to go to always be on the go.

No parking Need to park elsewhere
Wrong address 10 Bourbon Street instead of 10 Canal Street
  • Route optimized
  • Van loaded
  • Driver dispatched
  • Navigation system go
  • Driver parks (hopefully)
  • Driver approaches address

Wrong address.
First attempt failed.

  • Wasted time and effort
  • Delays rest of route
  • Frustrated driver
  • Unhappy customer
  • Damper on capacity
  • Financial losses
Inaccurate delivery location Back entrance has different address
Invalid address 100,000 Park Avenue
Different drop-off location HQ address on record, deliveries at storage facility

Enough said.

And it gets worse because additional first-time failures have a compounding effect. You simply cannot afford to be slowed down by wrong addresses.

By leveraging insights from the field and TruAddress real-world routing optimization, Applicat not only resolves wrong addresses, but avoids them altogether, leading to phenomenal first-time delivery rates.

When wrong becomes right

99% of the time, wrong addresses have already been discovered and recorded. Applicat lets you capture this information and make sure there isn’t a second time.

Its All About Access

Whether it’s an off-site, alleyway, or back entrance, we make sure your drivers always know the right address for picking up or dropping off deliveries.

One million Avenue des Champs-Élysées?

Applicat’s platform effectively resolves invalid addresses, even if they aren’t obvious, providing the peace of mind that your team will consistently reach the right address on first attempt.

Nowhere to park, the bane of efficient delivery

Instead of aggravating, time-consuming, delivery-killing searches for parking, Applicat will lead you to the best-nearest available parking, letting you deliver right, on the first attempt.

Delivery and drop-off address aren’t always the same

Drop-off addresses that differ from delivery addresses are often well kept secrets. A dash of AI, a tad of field intelligence and bit of Applicat magic and voila – it’s a secret no more.

TruAddress™ routing optimization

TruAddress™ – Far Beyond the
Right Address

Because wrong addresses are so prevalent, and form such an acute problem, we’ve created TruAddress™, real-world based artificial intelligence that incorporates a multitude of data points to produce actual delivery-stop addresses and truly optimal routes. Better, speedier, more efficient, and less costly delivery delivered.

TruAddress™ routing optimization

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