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The AI-powered delivery platform that drives operational excellence, at any scale, positioning you at the forefront of the innovative future of delivery & fulfillment.

Innovating beyond the last mile

Innovating Beyond the Last Mile

Our mission is to help our customers carry out each delivery task with the greatest possible speed and efficiency, the basis for unrestricted growth and for providing their customers with exceptional experiences. We do this by addressing each and every step of the delivery and fulfillment processes and by creating innovative, cost-effective last mile delivery solutions that seamlessly adapt to our customers’ workflows.

Applicat’s AI-powered SaaS delivery platform offers logistics firms, couriers, distributors, and delivery operators, the means to orchestrate, execute and optimize all aspects of their last mile operations. With a 360° view and full control over their delivery activity, our customers are able to operate with greater precision and fulfill more deliveries, at scale, while reducing costs, driving profits skyward, and providing excellent delivery experiences.

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Who we are?

We live and breathe logistics. We’ve virtually and practically traversed every foot of the delivery process, with a special inch-by-inch focus on the last mile, helping our customers achieve logistical excellence.”

Ofir Ron, Applicat Co-Founder & CEO

Originally formed to meet the burgeoning demand for enterprise mobile solutions, Applicat accumulated far-reaching knowledge and gained a reputation as the go-to industry expert. Applicat packaged all this into Hormiga, a mobile field workforce management technology that propels business results forward.

With the exponential growth of the delivery economy and our aptitude to innovate ahead of the market, Applicat is tackling last-mile delivery logistics, providing solutions for retail, courier, express & parcel, grocery, field service, logistics and distributors. Combining our rich background with field intelligence and state-of-the-art AI technology we created a best-in-class, widely recognized logistics and optimization platform trusted by the industry, including worldwide courier giant UPS.



Ofir Ron and Nadav Bar-Or come together to pioneer mobile enterprise solutions that fuel businesses in the manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare sectors.


The group Incorporates as Applicat Technologies Ltd.


Launch the Hormiga platform for managing and enhancing mobile field personnel performance and productivity.


Recognized as an innovative logistics technology by the Office of the Chief Scientist; partnered with Ship Your Innovation, a hub for advanced logistics technologies.


Drive the operations of some of the world's leading logistics brands.


Release Hormiga 3.0, the fully scalable, holistic SaaS delivery logistics platform.


Disrupt the delivery logistics market with our Right-First-Time AI™ delivery applications, including the groundbreaking TruAddress™ optimization technology.

Who We Help?

Visionary businesses and logistics operators seeking to leverage leading-edge technology to drive delivery efficiency, speed, and the highest levels of service.

Our Customers

Businesses, CEP, Logistics Companies

From small business to large corporations, couriers, and last mile delivery operators, Applicat provides its customers with clear visibility into their entire delivery operations, invaluable insights, attentive service, and everything they need to efficiently run all of their delivery processes and best serve their own customers.

Our Users

Logistics Managers and Drivers

Speed, efficiency, precision, an ability to execute large volumes of delivery tasks performed at a distance, and more, are what Applicat provides to those whose responsibility is to get the job done, the package delivered.

Our Customers’ Customers

Parcel and Goods Recipients

At the end of the day, and the supply chain, are those that drive the industry itself. Our success is firmly linked to our customers’ capacity to provide their own customers with positive, anxiety-free delivery experiences, which is why Applicat includes a fully transparent tracking system for recipients of packages and goods.

Be a part of the future of logistics

We’re more than a technology company, more than a logistics platform. We’re here to fundamentally change how businesses and delivery operators do business, generate profit, and satisfy their customers. So… If you’re passionate about innovation and are looking to make a difference, we have a place ready with your name on it.

Be a part of the future of logistics

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