Applicat for Manufacturing

Inbound supplies or outbound product, gain full control, breakneck speed, and cat-like agility.

Enabling frictionless movement from supply chain to production floor to customer doorstep

Applicat’s first mile and highly granular visibility ensure supplier responsiveness and closely monitor delivery of equipment, supply, and parts to your plant or storage facilities, so that you never miss a beat, or production cycle.

Applicat’s last mile, including (but nowhere near limited to) next generation routing optimization, intelligent dispatching, and an integrated customer experience module, help you deliver your goods and products quickly, efficiently, and always on the first attempt.

Applicat’s end-to-end delivery logistics platform ties all of your operations together for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Manufacturing operations

Featured modules and Uses

First mile

First Mile

As every delivery’s origin, any misstep by a manufacturer reverberates downstream. With Applicat, your first mile will be as infallible as your production.



Dispatchers are the critical link between production and delivery. Give them everything they need to ensure smooth transitions and flow of product.

Granular visibility

Granular Visibility

Track and trace every gram, step and byte as your products move through your supply chain, pivoting and improving performance along the way.

Delivering the value that you manufacture

Minimize Losses Losses are inevitable. Applicat makes them negligible.

Maximize Efficiency Address, improve, streamline every aspect of your delivery operations.

Faster delivery speed Accelerate without compromise, do more, perfect your customer experience.

Full Visibility View, control, improve your operations from 0° to a full 360°.

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