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The key factor for improvement

Technician using mobile app
Technician using mobile app

As a field-service company, your workforce is your organization’s most important and most costly resource, and each employee’s performance bears significant impact on the company’s profitability and customer satisfaction. The best way to institute continuous improvement is by monitoring employee performance levels. Engineered to perpetually analyze and increase performance, Hormiga integrates employee performance analysis in each function in the system, displaying individual and team performance metrics on nearly every screen.

Pinpointing patterns to stimulate improvement

Hormiga captures detailed activities and evaluates productivity on employee, team, and organizational levels. Using Granular Activity Recognition and conflict-detection alerts, managers can track poor performance and discrepancies, punctuality, and first-time-fix-rates, as well as travel and idle time.

They can also compare team member performance and identify high performers’ work patterns, replicating these patterns to increase productivity and help define best practices.

Hormiga closely tracks and measures the performance rates of each employee, which has a direct effect on customer satisfaction, and which significantly elevates NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Additionally, employees whose performance is monitored tend to follow work procedures more closely, and therefore, also tend to be far more productive.